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Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System

Keurig Bolt Brewer

We here at Atlantic Coffee are very excited to have the new Keurig Bolt Brewer in our office! If you haven’t heard of the Bolt Carafe Brewing System, it is Keurig latest brew system which uses large “single-serve” packs to brew a full, 60oz pot of coffee.

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This system is Keurig’s answer to more traditional brew-by-pot office coffee brewers and is not necessarily a replacement for K-Cup or Vue brew systems. In fact, I could see offices incorporating both a Bolt and a K-Cup or Vue brewer to meet the needs of a larger office.

Once warmed up - which takes a bit of time due to the large (186oz) internal reservoir - the Keurig Bolt brewer can produce a full pot of coffee in about two minutes. This would allow larger offices to quickly brew a pot of a popular, traditional roast such as a Green Mountain Nantucket Blend while individuals who prefer a flavored or darker roast could brew a single cup via the K-Cup or Vue brewer. Truly he best of both worlds!

As you can tell in the photos, the unit is quite large. I placed a K-Cup on top of it to give you some perspective. In addition to the large internal tank which allows you to brew three full pots in under 10 minutes, other niceties include a recessed plate on top for holding a carafe after brewing and a hot water spigot. Please see our Keurig z6000 Brewer page for more features an specifications.

Keurig Bolt Brewer vs. K-Cup for Size Reference

Each Keurig Bolt brewer ships with a thermal carafe specifically designed for use with the Bolt system. The carafe, in concert with the brewer actively prevents accidental spills by preventing the brew process from starting if the carafe is not in place or if the correctly placed carafe is not opened. Additional carafes can be purchased separately.

At the base of the handle of each carafe is a variety indicator which can be manually rotated to indicate the contained coffee variety. Brown for regular, orange for decaf and green for flavored.

There is little or no chance for spilled grounds either. In the same manner as K-Cups or Vue Packs, Bolt Packs remain sealed throughout the brewing process. There are no frac packs to open or grounds to scoop and you will never run out of filters.

Keurig Bolt Pack vs. K-Cup for Size Reference

The Bolt Pack expands - literally - on the technology which brought us the Vue Packs. Once the Pack has had time to cool, the foil seal and internal filter are easily removed from the plastic cup yet remain connected to prevent spills and to make for easy disposal. The containing plastic cup is recyclable where ever #5 plastics are accepted. I’ve included a photo of a Bolt Pack next to a K-Cup for reference. We are carrying the full line of Bolt Pack varieties Keurig is offering out of the gate.

If you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you are interested. If you would like a demo of the Bolt Brew System, please contact your Atlantic Coffee sales rep or customer service. Thank you for your time!

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