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Introducing the Bolt Carafe Brewing System

Keurig Bolt z6000


The Keurig® revolution just got bigger — a perfect pot of coffee, made simpler and brewed faster.

A medium to large office brewer that delivers consistent higher quality coffee with faster brew speed than traditional office pot coffee systems, and the simplicity you expect from Keurig.

Finally, a perfect pot of coffee with Keurig® convenience & speed.

Are you frustrated with your conventional pot coffee maker — the messy grounds, burnt coffee and waiting for a fresh pot to brew? Introducing the Keurig® Bolt™ Carafe Brewing System, a commercial-grade system that delivers faster brew speed than the market-leading 120V pot coffee maker and features high quality, consumer-recognized coffee brands. The Keurig® Bolt™ system will transform the way you think about brewing a pot of coffee whether it be in a workplace, hotel or cafeteria setting.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Operationally efficient with no mess or clean up
  • Fresh gourmet coffee made consistently every time
Simply place the Bolt™ pack into the brewer, press the Brew Button and enjoy a 64 oz. pot of coffee in about two minutes.

The Bolt™ Thermal Carafe

The innovative engineers at Keurig have crafted a custom Thermal Carafe, specially designed for use with the Keurig® Bolt™ brewer.

Secure Operation

The Bolt™ brewer contains a sensor system that determines when the Thermal Carafe is securely in place, the flip lid is open, and it is safe for brewing to begin. If the Thermal Carafe is removed or incorrectly inserted, the brewing process will stop immediately.

Thermal Performance

To maintain the ideal combination of taste, freshness and temperature, Keurig recommends holding coffee within the Thermal Carafe for up to one hour. The optimal temperature range for coffee taste and freshness is 175-185° F. When starting at room temperature, the Thermal Carafe will maintain this temperature range for up to one hour. When pre-heated, the Thermal Carafe will maintain this temperature range for up to two hours.

Coffee Variety Identifierbolt-carafe-indicators

A variety identifier has been built into the handle of the Thermal Carafe so that you can specify which type of coffee it contains.

Brewer Specifications:

Brew Size 64 oz.
Brew Time 2 minutes
Dimensions 15.5" W x 19.0" D x 18.0" H (25.0" with carafe on top)
Temperature Control 187°–197° F
Water Source Plumbed, 20-90 psi (128-621 kPa)
Requires a back flow preventer
Hot Water Tank 186 oz.
Hot Water Dispenser Yes
Interface 3.5 inch Color LCD Touchscreen
UL Listed UL Commercial
NSF Certification NSF/ANSI 4 Food Equipment
Electrical 120 VAC, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 15A
Power 1460W
Plug Type 2-Wire Plus Ground



Faster On-Demand Brewing Speed

The Bolt™ brewer can deliver 64 oz. of delicious coffee in about two minutes vs. four minutes or more for a leading pot (120V) coffee maker.


Consistent Quality & Taste

The sealed Bolt™ packs keep coffee grounds fresh. Since the coffee is pre-measured, your freshly brewed coffee will always have the excellent, consistent taste the Keurig® brand is known for.


Greater Convenience, Better Operating Efficiency

The Keurig® Bolt™ system uses convenient Bolt™ packs. With the ideal brewing environment inside, these packs require no pre-measuring and have no messy filters or spilled grounds to clean up. The dynamic Color Touchscreen is programmable and makes it simple to brew a pot of coffee and dispense hot water.