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Flavia Drink Stations - Flavia Brewers

All work and no drink variety makes Jack’s office very dull indeed. Liven things up and motivate employees with the FLAVIA SB100 and Creation 400™ drinks stations. FLAVIA drinks stations with patented technology brew directly from pack to cup. This means each drink is fresh and untainted from the previous brew. This technology also allows these machines to make some of your favorite indulgent drink creations.

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Flavia Creation Station 400 with Sidecar

The Creation 400

Flavia Creation Station 400

The "funky" new look combines an almost retro feel with modern ergonomics and is sure to compliment any office. It is specially designed to suggest choice, and comes with a welcoming, easy and fun to use interface. In addition to Gourmet Coffees, Wellbeing Drinks and Real Leaf Tea options, your office can enjoy Indulgent Creations like cappuccinos, mochaccinos and cafe latte creations.

Brewer Specifications:


The ideal brewer for medium to large office enviroments

Key Features

  1. 8 oz. cup size can brew in multiple strengths
  2. plumbed or pour over availablec
  3. coin operation available
  4. ability to make cappuccino, mochaccino & cafe latte creations


17"H x 10 "W x 18"D

Pic: the s350 Drinks Station

The SB100

The compact and stylish FLAVIA SB100 is specially designed for small offices (around 25 people or less). Unplumbed and portable, it fits beautifully in any working environment. Like other FLAVIA drinks stations, the SB100 gives you a choice of over 30 inspiring drinks at your fingertips and will help keep the entire office motivated—including your clients.

Brewer Specifications:


A great brewer for smaller office environments

Key Features:

  1. 8 oz. cup size
  2. portable and no plumbing
  3. 14 drink tank capacity


14.5"H x 9"W x 13.5"D