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Flavia Flavor - Flavia Coffees, Teas and Specialty Drinks

Alterra Coffee 7 Bright Tea Freshpacks for Flavia

The Flavia Difference

It’s simple: a unique Brew-by-Pack technology that pioneered the single-serve category. Each FLAVIA Filterpack brews directly from pack to cup. So each drink is pure, fresh and untainted from the previous brew—with no mess and no cleanup needed. That means her French Roast doesn’t taste like his Green Tea with Jasmine, and vice versa.

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Alterra House Blend D


We carefully crafted this blend of light roasted beans to give a medium bodied, smooth flavor.

Morning Roast

Start your day of right with this select blend of beans, lightly roasted for a smooth bodied, refreshing flavor.

Costa Rica

Capture the spirit of the Caribbean in your cup! 100% Costa Rican beans, lightly roasted to give a smooth bodied, sweet flavor.

Artisan Roast


Our passionate roasters crafted this special blend, medium roasted to enhance the fruity character of the beans with distinctive bright notes.


From the Ethiopian highlands, to your cup, our 100% Yirgacheffe beans are medium roasted to give a distinctive bright, fruity flavor.



Our aromatic, 100% Colombian beans are medium roasted to give a balanced, fragrant experience.

Donut Shop Blend

Grab a cup of this delightful coffee and enjoy the balanced notes of caramel, berry and honey. A classic, reinterpreted!

Foundry Blend

You can taste the hard work in our blend of premium beans, medium roasted to give a full bodied, balanced flavor with a hint of chocolate.

Barista's Blend


We created this recipe of dark roasted beans to yield a rich, smoky cup that any barista would be proud to serve!

French Roast D

Our fresh take on a classic french dark roast. A cup that's heavy bodied, with a smoky twist.


Our 100% Sumatran Arabica beans are dark roasted to give a heavy bodied, complex cup with a bold finish.

Espresso Roast

A luscious blend of dark roasted beans, delivering a heavy bodied, bold and earthy flavored cup.



Enjoy a luxurious blend of medium roasted beans and the continental flavor of hazelnuts.

French Vanilla

Relax and unwind with a blend of medium roasted beans and the creamy flavor of vanilla.

Steel Horse


The first and only hot drink to team the benefits of coffee with 150mg of circulation-supporting cocoa flavanols.


Earl Grey

Black Tea

Medium-bodied with fresh bergamont aroma and flavor; notes of citrus and floral, slightly smokey.

English Breakfast

Robust and full-bodied with notes of caramelized sugar and malt; balanced astringency.

Select Green

Green Tea

Smooth and creamy with a nutty aroma and taste; balanced bite and sweetness.

Green with Jasmin

Light-bodied with a refreshing taste and fragrant aroma of jasmine.

Chai Spice

Flavored Tea

Bright blakc tea with notes of ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and cardamon; best served sweetened as a latte.

White with Orange

Smooth and light-bodied with subtle orange flavor and aroma.

Lemon Herbal

Herbal Infusions

Light lemon and citrus notes with a touch of floral and honet flavors.

Raspberry Herbal

Juicy, tart and sweet; full-bodied with a clean raspberry flavor.

Peppermint Herbal

Medium-bodied with full, rich peppermint and chocolatey notes.

Drink Creations

DOVE® Hot Chocolate

Premium cocoa carefully blended to create a silky, smooth and indulgent hot chocolate drink.

Cappuccino/Latte Swirl

Add an authentic touch to create an ALTERRA cappuccino, or invent your own creation!


A rich chocolate and creamy caramel treat to be combined with DOVE hot chocolate or any ALTERRA coffee.

D - Available in Decaf  FT - Fair Trade Certified