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Keurig Bolt - Carafe Brewing System

The Keurig® revolution just got bigger — a perfect pot of coffee, made simpler and brewed faster. Finally, a perfect pot of coffee with Keurig® convenience and speed. The Keurig® Bolt™ system will transform the way you think about brewing a pot of coffee. Simply place the Bolt™ pack into the brewer, press the Brew Button and enjoy a 64 oz. pot of coffee in about two minutes. Finally, a perfect pot of coffee with Keurig® convenience and speed.


Bolt Pack and Coffee Mug

The Bolt™ Pack

What would a Keurig® system be without an ingenious method of housing the coffee? No messy filters to deal with and no spilled grounds to clean up. Since the sealed Bolt™ packs keep the coffee grounds fresh, you’ll enjoy consistently excellent coffee time after time.

bolt_cool COOL — The pack is hot after brewing. Please allow it to cool.
bolt_peel PEEL — Carefully peel back tab to separate foil lid and filter from cup.
bolt_recycle RECYCLE — Recycle your cup wherever #5 plastics are accepted.

Recycling Bolt™ Packs

The Keurig® Bolt™ packs’ plastic cups are made from polypropylene/#5 plastic, and can be separated from the lid and filter and recycled wherever polypropylene/#5 plastics are accepted. Keurig® Bolt™ system users should check with their local municipality or waste hauler on recycling options. For more information on recycling options in U.S. communities, visit